Sunday, March 7, 2010

got the airdyne

Probably the only positive thing I can report at this point is I finally came up on an airdyne, and have set it up in my living room.

I am presently under the care of my chiropractor in trying to resolve this chronic wrist issue. I have another 3 visits this week, and this friday we decide whether this is working or not. If it is, great. If it is not, I'm probably looking at shots or surgery.

Under her advice I did not train last week. And I probably shouldn't this week either. I am, however, still hitting up nautilus. Had a decent overall effort last week.

Work schedule keeps changing (sometimes even mid-week), which has made it seriously difficult to manage my training time, diet, sleep, and anything else. I do not do well with all the gear-shifting. I really need for work to stabilize into some sort of predictable pattern so that I can plan accordingly.

my weight loss has stalled out for 2 weeks. I've made some poor choices, haven't worked out as much as I normally would like to, slept poorly, and failed to stay on any sort of schedule. The only thing I can do is try and do a better job of controlling the factors I can affect, and try to minimize the effects of what variables I can't control.

It's just really hard when there is little to no support for the efforts. Having a trainer question me every other day doesn't motivate me, it just amplifies how bad I already feel about being stalled out. Being injured means light/no workouts. Which just bums me out that much more. It's a bitch of a cycle.

but I know what I need to do. Just need to put it to work.