Sunday, January 9, 2011

beyond driven.

Happy new year.

I'm almost back to speed from a nasty muscle pull(s) from piss poor deadlifting form that forced me onto the shelf for a month or so.

Sticking with crossfit 3x a week for now, not actively planning to push for 4x a week yet. I think that's ambitious, since the past two weeks have ended with me having to rack up extra sleep hours to keep from full-on catching a cold.

Only getting one regular day to train bjj, but with the new year, it seems everyone is similarly re-dedicated. Extra mornings are going to appear for me the train, and that is a welcome thing for sure.

Days where I do neither bjj or crossfit, I've pledged to get in ten rounds of intervals on my airdyne. That is also a great time to throw on a bjj instructional and study.

Working on re-wiring my half guard. Used to be my go-to, favorite, safe place. I am slow to abandon the old style, figure 4 style of half guard, which seems to be quickly devolving into a stall position at best. A place where I can test how much my quads can deal with lactic acid and that's about it. Trying hard to adapt the open half guard. I see it, understand it, even see tons of potential.

Dismantling the muscle memory is another affair altogether.

I must also say that even at 65-80% compliance, I am feeling drastically better for retooling myself towards paleo/primal diet. I have serious carnivore tendencies, and unabashedly consuming animal products makes me happy. Trying to switch more towards vegetable rather than fruit, but it's tricky finding the right things and amounts to buy without donating more to the dumpster mammals than to my own cause.

Still pushing for a schedule change at work to allow more openings for training, but it's such slow going. Frustrating.