Sunday, January 27, 2013

go figure

hurt my hand doing jiu jitsu, but doing light jiu jitsu seems to be making it better.


works for me.

continuing to work on the vast scope of the last seminar's material. having to put a little bit of blinders on, as I'm finding that I'm mixing up my x-guard and deep half entries and options. Trying to process too many, mentally, at once. Really wish I had some means of improving my learning and retention, but I'm going to assume for now that, much like anything else, it's just going to require more reps. Reps until I'm bored to tears with it.

I've continued using my grippers and the counter-exercise - basically a series of thicker rubber bands used for resistance as I open my hands. Day by day, My thumb gets a little better - more range of motion, less aches and pains. It's still a bit swollen, but it'll break free over time. 

I still haven't made it back to crossfit, but it's on the list of "to-do" things. In the meantime, I've been swinging my kettlebell around the apartment some. Actually went and picked up a new one yesterday since my old ones were pitifully light. Ha, I remember when that 18 lb. one was my "stout" one. Now it's the equivalent of the pink dumbbells.

Last week was a mess with trying to keep up with family medical issues and work and dodging the flu, so hopefully this week coming up will be more productive. I'm starting to reconsider taking the later shift of 1-9 since there's little difference b/t it and 12-8 in terms of suckage. I have yet to find the inclination to go to Nautilus after work at 8:00 - hard enough to get to sleep as is. I don't know though. Hate to saddle myself up to that and get stuck.

Today, aiming for a long chilly walk and then trying a new kettlebell series. Then it's off to Huntington and back.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

that doesn't look good.

got my thumb bent backwards yesterday. Iced it, immobilized it... this morning it's swollen and not so much fun to move about. I don't want to fool with it, but I guess I'll go to doc-in-a-box to check on it. Although I have a feeling it'll be "well, just ice it and immobilize it" and a copay.


edit, later on, back at the ranch...

Well I sat at the doc in a box for like an hour, probably caught three colds, and (wait for it, wait for it) bailed before I was ever so much as called in to take my blood pressure and other stats. Weaksauce. I sat in the waiting room and after texting back and forth with my instructor, concluded that I was wasting my time and money.

so I left.

And here we are a few days removed. Still a bit swollen. Still stiff and un-fun to move, but less so on all of those factors.

I'll behave myself a few more days, but hope to get some training in this weekend, if only at a reduced capacity. Probably just as well to try and use this week adapting to my new schedule. And making things work there re: sleeping, eating, and the like.

I've already determined that working out after work is not ideal. I get too keyed up and don't sleep for shit. And that's fine. I may switch to 1-9 instead if that's the case. I don't mind working out in the mornings. Just have to get used to it. Been running sprint intervals on my treadmill, which isn't bad. I'm rather surprised that it isn't harder than it is. But I'll find ways to make that suck in due time.

I am bummed about the timing of this injury. I really wanted to return to crossfit this week. Just not smart with a bum paw. Maybe next week. Might ask in advance if it's advisable/scalable or not.