Thursday, August 19, 2010

probably not "easing back into it" per Rx

Started Crossfit this past Sunday. Went again Tuesday. Today is Thursday, and I am forcing myself to rest. This takes more effort on my part than just working out.

I really, really like the intensity of the workouts. It's an added bonus that I get to usually train with friends from my bjj school. The scheduling is a little tricky, thanks to my job, and that will force some lifestyle changes that I probably should have made ages ago anyway.

If I'm going to have to get up early for crossfit, I'll have to get to bed sooner. Which allots less time for dinner, which I really shouldn't be having at 1130 pm anyways. I may try a test run this evening -- just get home from work, down a casein shake, read a bit maybe... do whatever I can to be asleep before 11.

It's been an okay bjj week so far. I'm finding myself really annoyed with attendance, especially since it may impact the number of days the morning class (read: my only option) occurs in a given week.

But things are opening up. Now that I'm implementing crossfit into the mix, maybe having one less day of bjj during the workweek isn't terrible. Maybe this is my cue to start hitting up weekend bjj open mats. I'd rather be instructed, but with my work schedule, that simply isn't going to happen without a lot of privates.

Derailed a bit from deciding whether I'm doing Berardi's diet plan or just doing Paleo. I'll probably end up with a hybrid of the two. Lots of work to do there. I've just been too strapped to shop smart lately.

It's time to start knocking a hole in my freezers anyhow, so I may as well start finding venison recipes. It's going to be what's to eat for ages.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

my last post as a 35 year old

well, shit. I'm officially on the far side of my thirties.

fun morning of bjj, if a little short. Felt as though I was floundering during mount escape drilling, but I guess it wasn't too bad. Pretty sure my instructor would've been more than open with me about suckage.

My hand is still holding up well. A little achey, still a bit weak, but much much better. I still can't spend hours playing video games, but hey, I probably shouldn't be doing that anyway.

Took off work tomorrow. It's my day, dammit. Spending it my way. Which means I'll sleep until the cats insist on being fed (i.e.-- 730, same as always), have coffee, and then do some bas rutten cardio massacre. Looking at house(s), then I'm going to go have fish tacos at the only place in town smart enough to serve them. And I'll do this by myself since everyone I know has an irrational fear of fish tacos. idiots. No idea on my afternoon yet, but I'm going to judo class that evening. I know it's ridiculous to go to one class, but I like judo. I wish I could attend the class more often.

wish a lot of things. it's a rocky passage right now. I'm trying to not obsess over what I haven't done, or what I could've done differently, better, faster. Doing a lot of cost/benefit analysis with relationships. Some people seem to confuse tenure with "guest pass to act like a jerk". Unfortunate.

Sometimes you just put your money on the wrong horse.

bah. anyways, still trying to find my pace with training and improvement. It's tough. Small classes, limited instruction. That should probably be my cue to more aggressively pursue our curriculum and let it guide things on occasion.

I flatly refuse to feel older. or less capable. or hopeless. I'm just as strong, stubborn, and determined as I've ever been. Only now I'm a little wiser. Sometimes.

Or as Jay Z put it, "Thirty's the new Twenty"