Saturday, June 1, 2013

an end to the scheduling blues... for now

So, effective this coming week, I'm back on a more normal work shift, allowing me to return to evening bjj classes. I am equal parts elated, pensive, and hesitant.

In the interim of time where I could not really train but maybe once a week or two, I've instead focused on crossfit. Really, really focused. In the span of around a month, I went from hoping I could make it twice a week, to regularly going four time and being annoyed at the one day during the week I'd miss to rest.

I've gone, in those few weeks, from crawling and scrambling to even approach the sort of things I could do before injuries took me out of the box for a good long while to chasing PRs - mine and others'. Hell, I even took ten minutes off my Murph time this year.

My concern is how I will break up my trainings. I hate to give up any crossfit, since I'm seeing a LOT of progress from it. And who says I have to. I'll just have to rededicate myself to making my nutrition and rest/recovery no laughing matter. Which I need to do anyways. Or continue to do I should say.

What I don't know is how the re-indoctrination will go. During my time studying and drilling in the mornings, I've concluded that that is my ideal training scenario. I seem to retain more. So I guess I'll have to retool the way I absorb, take better control of my evening class training to tailor it more to my needs.

Returning to active rolling/sparring will suck. For a long time. Period. And it will until my timing develops, and it will until my transition from power/strength game to flexible/speed/technique game furthers. Neither will be remotely overnight.

But nothing worthwhile is.

Trying to not overthink it (failing miserably) and just enjoy that I have the option to train for now.