Friday, September 6, 2013

I can math, dammit.


Now that I'm officially in my new house, I figured "cool, self. Let's go ahead and resume magazine delivery, and renew some expired subscriptions..."

Top of my list: Gracie Mag. I love that magazine (even though I have to spend more energy ignoring the various pervasive bias(es) than I used to), and have kept every issue. So off to their website I go, credit card in tow. Okay, looks like it's 24 months, 12, or 6 months. And there are free gifts with each. Okay, I like the t-shirt with the 6-month... add to cart. check out.

What the deuce.

$25.00 shipping?!

Hold the damned phone. Err, keyboard.


$8.95 x 6 = $53.70. Less my 10% discount at Books A Million, That's $48.33

Graciemag webstore price, with shipping: $64.40

Pure bullshit. Hell to the nizzo.

I mean, really.

Comparatively, 1 yr subscription to Jiu Jitsu Magazine: $37.99.

Yeah, I think My answer is pretty damned clear: option C - order both from budovideos, and come up with excuses to buy additional stuff ;)

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