Sunday, March 20, 2011

on a longer leash

After throwing a complete fit at work (not necessarily proud of that, but not necessarily apologizing either), my shift finally improved -- moved up an hour to working noon to eight at night. While this is still pretty far from what I imagined in grad school, it opens critical doors for me in training.

I can make the last bit of BJJ classes in the evenings, and can resume stand up training some, as well. I really haven't been able to sleep since this development -- I'm THAT excited about it.

So I'm on the cusp of week one. Some changes to make, sure, but I am happy to make them if it means improvement on the mats. I'm guessing, based on the ice cold reception of the idea to move morning class up an hour, that I'll be leaving AM bjj earlier (or perhaps just planning to go to work straight afterwards). I may start going to an earlier crossfit class. I anticipate improved recovery, as evening shifts just monkey with my sleep hardcore.

More importantly, I can pack a gi/whatever with me and go straight to the gym after work in the evenings. Catch up on whatever was instructed upon, get torqued about by new and different bodies, and not have the pressure of being the one either organizing the class or leading in the instruction end of things.

I'm sure the water company is going to celebrate, as this new shift means I'll be doing more laundry, dirtying up more gis and training gear.

I'm actually leaning towards an interest in adding standup back into the mix. I miss it, at times. I just don't know how I'm going to schedule everything without redlining. Should be an interesting experiment.

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