Saturday, March 26, 2011

some retooling to do.

first week at new work schedule. This has to be better. Still a lot of adjusting to do. As I figured would be the case, I'm losing an hour of morning BJJ. This, coupled with the sometimes lax approach we have to starting to get to task on time, is going to pose some issues. I'll need to get down to business from the jump, not allot thirty minutes for everyone else to stretch, talk, compare college basketball brackets, etc.

Coming in late to the evening class was also a little scattered, but this was an atypical week for instruction anyway. We'll see how this coming week goes. I didn't make it to any stand up classes this week, but would like to next week.

Still hit up crossfit three times, but by the time I finished the Friday morning WOD, I was done. Nothing left in the tank for morning BJJ class, and there was absolutely no way I was going after work.

Standup will have to take the backseat for now. I may try changing the split of mornings I'm doing crossfit this week and instead hit up monday, tuesday, and thursday instead. Frontload my week for crossfit focus, endload it for BJJ focus.

Still having some troubles narrowing my own focus in terms of what I want to work on in BJJ myself, but thinking that I'm at least meandering towards the right path. I'm placing all hope and faith in the short time I get in the evening classes to help bridge the gaps in terms of having training partners who will work with me, give me ideas, help make corrections. We'll see.

Got a gorgeous new gi from Shoyoroll, the White Mamba. It's presently hang drying in the bathroom. Will drop it off for tailoring this week. May as well pick up a few of my old gis to have the sleeves worked on as well, being as I now refuse to wear the ones that haven't been tailored. Team T Rex Arms!!!

Doing a little better with paleo this week too. Putting down spinach salads like it's going out of style. Still need to convert some of the fruit consumption into veggie consumption. But the end goal is packing smarter fuel. That is happening. I'm thinking I may need to more carefully track protein intake, as my recovery this week left something to be desired.

May've overdone it with the whole "let's start running" thing. Both feet have had some moderate soreness and a marked instability this week. Had to ice one of them earlier this week. I hate to blame the vibrams (as they are what have made running bearable to me), so I'm thinking it may be an issue of just pushing it a little too far, too soon. Or better, maybe this is just an awkward breaking in phase for me. Maybe this is where my feet become stronger.


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